Cashmere Kitty CBD Flower | Hybrid


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| Cashmere Kitty CBD Flower | Hybrid | 15.82% CBD |
 Cashmere Kitty CBD Flower is the perfect hybrid strain, that will help you take the edge off, reducing mental clutters, both day and night. Unwind and enjoy a sense of peace with this amazing flower.
Experience the deliciously sweet and sour aroma of our Cashmere Kitty, bred hydroponically indoors for superior quality and with vibrant purple hues in every bud, this rare hybrid is sure to please. Get ready for a unique aromatic experience!

50 States Legal Industrial Hemp 

Legal per Farm Bill 7606 of The Agricultural Act signed by Obama in 2014; which realizes the dichotomy of what is considered Marijuana and what is considered Hemp; defined in Bill H.R.3530; which exempts industrial hemp its derivatives from the controlled substances list, defining industrial hemp as any cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. 


Hippy Mood makes no guarantee as to the lawfulness of any CBD products that you will be able to pass a drug test after consuming.